I am in the process of trying to get into the IT field.I just passed my Net+ cert, and now need some help volunteering to get some real life experience in the maryland are.a

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Are you in school/college where you may have resources there to help you find an Intership opportunity?


You may get lucky and connect with someone in your local area since this forum has quite a bit of traffic.

However, in the meantime, I would recommend that you take advantage of social sites such as facebook and twitter. Just get the word out that you are looking for an intership..ask your friends to ask their friends and before you know it, someone will come across an organization that is accepting interns. It is my understanding college gradutation just recently ocurred so I would assume that this is the time that organizations would connect with potential employees.

There must be some community colleges in your area. Check with them as well. They probably have a service to help students and the community connect with organizations.

Good luck, I know its hard to get your foot in the door.

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