Hi guys
little problem
i installed two ethernet cards on my pc (using windows XP Pro)
on one i am using cable net and on other i want to connect to home network pc i used cross cable to connect both but limited conectivety
wat should i have to do?
any good solution or configurations

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  • What do you mean by "limited connectivity"?
  • Why are you setting it up this way?
  • Why not just use a router?

they are not pinging each other
why should i use router for one home pc to connect with my pc
so i decided to use two LAN card on which one is connected with Internet cable service and other with My home PC with cross cable


What steps have you done other than just plugging the two together using a crossover cable? Have you tried running the Network Setup Wizard on both machines?

I can understand why you don't want to use a router if there are just two machines, but the difficulties that you are experiencing shows just how valuable such tools are in preventing headaches when networking computers.


For the scenario you describe, you will need to configure Internet Connection Sharing (as mentioned in the link chrisbliss18 provided). Step-by-step instuctions for setting up ICS on Windows XP machines can be found here.

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