Just moved home and I'm trying to connect my computer to my parent's setup. They have a desktop with win '98 and a laptop with win xp pro connected to a 8 port network lan hub which is in turn connected to a modem which is connected to a broadband modem. I have a laptop with windows xp and a 3COM Etherlink III WAN PC removable ethernet card.

Both their computers work fine but I have tried connecting my pc to one of the available ports on the lan bub but can not get a connection. "Limited or no connectivity" is the status reading I get. I've tried to use one of their ports (one that works) but still no connection. I've searched the forums but can't find any help to this particular question. I have a feeling its a basic fix but I can't seem to solve the problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Im assuming you mean the hub is connected to a router which is connected to the modem..however one thing you may want to try is reseting the network once your computer is plugged in..unplug the hub, router, and modem..wait for about 10-20 seconds..plug the modem in first..then the router..then the hub..a simple reset may fix your problem..best of luck!