I’ve been stuck on a vpn-problem for quite some time now and my company needs to get this starting as soon as possible. We are running a sbs08 behind a Fortigate 50b. I’ve configured the sbs for vpn and I can connect to it from within the network (internal ip). The Fortigate is configured as follows:

  • Virtual IP to the internal server with port forwarding to 1723
  • Created firewall address with an available ip range (external interface)
  • Added firewall policy from the wan-interface with the created range to the lan-interface to the sbs. Service of course PPTP and accepted.

I followed this manual: http://docs.fortinet.com/fgt/archives/3.0/techdocs/FortiGate_PPTP_VPN_User_Guide_01-30004-0349-20070201.pdf

I can’t even ping the 1723 from outside. I get error 807 when trying to connect.

Could someone please help me out? I have tried everything I could think of, but nothing works.

Thanks so much in advance!