hi i have network i want to make it 4 subnet that is the first subnet has 100 host the second subnet is 70 host and the third subnet is 50 host and the fourth subnet 2 host you should know that i use class c/24

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please provide more info

am currently unable to translate/what are you trying to accomplish?

You can either break up your current /24 segment into smaller subnets, or just create 4 /24 subnets.

If your internal network is on a private IP space, and its a small network, you don't have to break up 1 /24 segment, you can assign each segment its own /24. Otherwise, if you are limited on existing subnets and IPs, break up the /24.

i think you need a router for each subnet anyway
/25 has 128 addresses
/26 hosts 64, etc.

Yes, lena1990 would need to have a router (gateway) interface for every subnet that is defined.

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