wondering if anyone can help. My work laptop has recently stopped picking up my home wireless signal. When I go to Site Monitor in the Dell wirelass utility and scan for networks its picks up others in the block but not mine. My home laptops picks it up fine. Very strange.

I don't know if its something up with the router or my laptop ??

Thanks for any help.


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What operating system are you using and how long have this problem persists. did you try resetting your modem

this is meant to be helpful! There are a lot of laptops that use a function key to turn the wireless on or off on that laptop. Are you sure yours is turned on?
If so and it still cant detect your signal, and the other laptop can then it seems as though it may be an electrical fault, or the one that cant detect the signal may be out of range, or behind a cooker, or metal screen and not getting the signal (microwave ovens do not help either! their signal can blot out computer reception).


using XP and just tried the reset to no avail. Happened a few weeks ago for no apparent reason - it was working fine before that. Strange how it picks up other networks just not the one i need!

Wireless is definitely on as i can find other networks just not my own. Also laptop is right next to the router so no issues with interference.


Can you try connecting to the internet using a ethernet

I think it has to do with your work laptop and not your router or modem

Yes ethernet works fine. I wonder if i should try re-installing the wireless software/drivers? Or could it be a hardware issue?

Check your router, if it is set to broadcast SSID (network name).

If it is, you can try to restart the router/access point by pulling the power plug for 10 sec.
When it reboot, it should be visible again.

Otherwise, you might have to reset it to factory defaults (read the manual :D)

May i know what router are you using

you must install new operating system ether windows 7 or xp!!!!!

Router is a local issue from Malaysia telco - TM D-link.

I did a router reset... to no avail.

Dude - i already run XP, mentioned above!

Did you have a new os of your computer. Try following jak0b advise. Tried reseting the router and modem. Usually there is a button behind. Use a pen and hold down the button for 5 seconds. Your router will be reset. I have not heard of pulling the power plug out that will reset the router but you can try, no harm doing that

You are right royng - pulling the power plug will not reset it to default's, just reboot it (which can cure if it "hang's").

If it is an ISP-issued router, it might need some special settings applied, for your ISP. Better check with them if it is a viable solution.

Another possible course to your problems, might be the wlan driver, if it has been updated by windows update. Sometimes the suggested driver just doesn't work properly with some hardware.
If this is the case, you have to uninstall all related drivers, reboot, and then install the driver from your manufacturer. (or force the device to use a specific driver through the device-manager)

You will of cause have to download the proper driver, before you disable your lan :)

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