im using a broadband stick and it indicates only 2G beside its network signal.i cant remember what it indicates before but it seems that it affects my broadband speed.i dont know if it does because im only using a 3.2mbps broadband is slow on opening sites even facebook or even when im just browsing google.suggestion please how to improve this situation.and if it is supposed to display not only 2G.tnx

I'm on broadband stick for five years.
Look into preferences of broadband stick to use a 3g (hsdpa) only speed instead of 2g -edge, umts.

Move the stick outside of the house or stick it, glue it or attach it on a house window.

Second thing:
3.2 Mbps question:
Imagine that your broadband stick is just a memory stick with 3.2 Mbps. You copy and paste files onto / from stick at 3.2 Mbps speed, let's say about 400kb per second.
Your 3.2 Mbps question is just a connection speed between your computer and your broadband stick. But your broadband stick can connect to GSM antenna with various speed, but that speed differs from 2g to 4G.