Hi there, lately I have noticed that my connection, despite various speedometers saying it is as fast as it should be, slowed dowm. I have got in touch with my provider, Virgin, and somebody from support came back with this:
I have checked your connection and the upstream power level is unacceptably high.
We will need to arrange an engineer visit to adjust the power levels.

Can you please advise when you can be available for a visit during the next 7 days?"

Can somebody explain to me what "upstream power level is unacceptably high" means, what is an upstream power level and how it affect my connection please? Is it a bad thing to get this level lowered?

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This must be something very specific to their system. From the Internet Router into your network is considered your LAN, but from the point where your router connects to their equipment is a whole different infrastructure, different protocols.

I assume that they must adjust the amount of power on that connection depending on distance and other factors.

Keep in mind that even on a traditional Ethernet network, we talk about protocols, and packets. But if you really think about what is happening on that network cable, its just power. 0s and 1s are just represented by power on the line.


so adjusting the power level should be for the best? What I don't want is to agree to have somebody to tweak that and then realize that the high value of power level was actually a good thing!


I am not sure that you have a choice in this matter. I would tend to think that the management of the system from the point from your router to their equipment is out of your control. Your concern is the service. If you are not getting the bandwidth you are paying for, they need to make the required adjustments on their end.

Now, if they want to come into your house and change your cabling, or other equipment and charge you a fee, I would suggest that you do further research before you give them any money. For their system, let them fix it. If the service gets slower or worse, you can continue to apply pressure for them to fix it, or you let them know that you are going to go with another provider.

Again, this is my opinion, and what I would do if I had this problem. Please, consider what is best for your scenario.


thanks, here's the response I was given:
"The modem needs both the receive power level - the signal strength from our router - and the send power level - the strength that the modem returns the signal at to be heard back at the router at the correct level - to be within quite tight parameters. As the power levels get to the limits of these parameters the signal degrades and can cause slow speeds as the data packets get corrupted and need to be retransmitted. When the levels go outside the parameters then the modem is likely to drop the connection altogether and reboot.

If you could reply to Leannes message stating the best date and time for a visit, then we will be happy to arrange this. There is no charge for an engineer visit to address a fault with our service.
SO I guess I will go for it

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