hey guys i really need some help with this project....i currently have 1 static ip address from my isp for my internet access....i have a server running windows server 2003 and a linksys 4 port wireless router and a linksys EtherFast 3124 24 port switch...can you guys explain to me how to share my internet access and connect both the switch and router together so i can have the router assign ip addresses and the switch to extend the network

yea i read the manual....basically what im trying to do is connect the switch and router together to share the internet connection and extend the number of computers on the network by using the switch but im not sure on how to go about doing this...from what ive read on the internet, it says just connect the switch to 1 of the lan ports on the router...any other assistance would be great....thanks

If you have an SOHO style router you're only going to have essentially two connections, right? ^.o It'll have the input side, i.e., the ISP connection(s) (coax, RJ-45, etc.) and the output side - one, two, four, etc. RJ-45 LAN ports. I realize I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, so I'm still trying to figure out why you're asking for help.