Really i need some help here, currently am manging one of the branch in our company. I work as the Network admnistrator.
We use modems to provide internet to all pc through sharing it, but i found when all the pcs wher blocked, no access to Facebook or youtube.. I have tried to view the hosts file but nothing is indicated there, checking on browsers but still nothing, no software is installed for blocking, i thought may be they were blocked through the router, but we have no router here since we only use modems and switches.
I just need to know how they blocked facebook and youtube only that...

Thanks for any help provided...

Re: unblock 80 80

If you can provide a network diagram, that would be helpful. Rather than trying to troubleshoot this with browsers on different computers, you should use TCP/IP tools such as PING, NSLOOKUP, and/or TRACERT.

What do you mean by "we use modems"? You have every PC with its own modem, or one modem for a group of PCs and you are connecting via Internet Connection Sharing?

FOr this type of Small Office/Home Office/Branch Office network, a router connected to a modem, would be the best design due to its costs, and ease in managemnet.

Re: unblock 80 80

we use a modem and we share it to supply internet to 30pcs.., i just need to know how facebook was blocked without using a router,software or hosts.

Re: unblock 80 80

I dont have a crystal ball so its hard to say without any other information. During the time that facebook is "blocked", are you able to PING the target system from the client within your network? Are you able to access any other sites while this problem is occurring?

If this seems to be the only site with the problem, are any of your 30 clients able to access the site during the time you encounter this issue?

If you are using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), there is extremely, very limited troubleshooting you can do when compared to the RRAS service on Windows Server, or log files that would be generated by a typical router.

While you are having this issue, you may want to take a packet capture before the ICS interface and after to see if you are actually seeing packets leaving the client, and passing through the "shared" computer.

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