Need help desperately!!!!!

I’m usually pretty good with computer problems, and the one helping others. But this problem has me beat. I just don’t know what to do any more.

The problem is my wireless network keeps disconnecting once in a while (approx. every day or two). When it goes out, eventually I am unable to connect any of my desktops or laptops wirelessly until I power cycle the modem and the router. But the ones connected by wire work fine.

Here is what I’ve gone through to trouble shoot:

- I called my ISP provider, and they said if I’m not having problems connected directly to the modem they can’t help me. It works for weeks connected directly with no problems.

- I called the manufacturer of the router, and they said since it works by wire, and I’m able to get a connection wirelessly, it’s not their issue.

- I upgraded the firmware on the router.

- I went through 2 different brand new routers (Linksys and DLink), and also tried new adapters.

- I tried changing the location of the router, even bringing it 5 feet away from the desktop.

- I tried playing around with the settings of the router (channel)

- I even upgraded my Internet connection to 35 mbps which comes with a new modem/gateway which acts as a wireless router too. The new gateway also loses wireless connection.

I don’t know what to do as I ruled out everything. It’s not the ISP problem, it’s not a router issue, and it’s not a specific computer problem. I just don’t know what to do. I really don’t want to run cables to all of my computers. It’s very inconvenient for laptops.

Please help!!

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When you say connecting by wire, is the wire plug in from the router port or the modem port? It is a router setting issue. What brand of router are you using now?

This sounds like the wireless components of the router (I assume the WiFi access point is built into the router) are starting to fail. Not that uncommon a problem, actually. Have your ISP replace the router.


There used to be a similar problem in my work place, where every so often the internet would "drop" the connection and the computers would be in an offline state for a few minutes until you either reset the router via the web interface or until you physically took the power connection out from the back of the router and re-inserted it. However, I don't know if this is exactly the same problem you are having or not but you could try....

either replacing the Micro Filter/Splitter you have at the phone socket which connects to your router, or if that doesn't work then you probably need to go into the routers web interface and change the time it takes to reset the router (as this will probably be whats causing the problem).

Obviously, if that hasn't made any difference then let us know and we will try to investigate further.

maybe can be problem with temperature. high temperatura = sinal problems signal.
look the place where Router is.

Ok. After re-reading the post I see that you have tried different WiFi access points and routers, with the same problem. That makes me think it is because of interference with another access point. Try changing the channel that the router/AP uses. The default is channel 6. Reconfigure the router/AP to use something like 2 or 11 and see what happens.

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