I know it's a fairly basic query but all advice would be appreciated.Is it better to register your domain name (obviously my first site) with your intended web host,or with an independent company? I suspect the latter but does it matter?
best regards

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It doesn't make much difference where, as long as you are listed as the owner, and administrative contact.

I used a host one time to register a domain, and they did it in their name, and then went belly-up. Taking the name with them. GoDaddy was the registrar and were absolutely no help even though I could furnish proof. I had to get a close-sounding new domain. Needless to say, I register all my domain names myself, and don't use GoDaddy.

As long as you have control of the domain name, you should be OK. If you host goes out of business or anything else, you can always change your DNS info, and restore your site on with another host, assuming you are able to get access to the latest backup files, if not you would have to start off with slightly older files.

This is a BIG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I cannot stress things enough, even if you are listed as owner.

When you get your domain name, get it from a large reputation Domain Name Provider.

Godaddy, Register.com, ect

Do not get it from the same person you get getting hosting from. ever.

If you get your own domain name, you can control it yourself ~

If you get your domain from host, sometimes they do not switch the ownership to you as they are the person who registered your domain name ~ They want you to stay with them ~ :p

If you are going with a large scale host, as long as you are listed as the domain owner there should be no issues, for instance, if you buy a domain through EV1, and you have a dedicated server there, I have not experienced any problems getting it moved to another provider. Although if you are going with small hosts, I have to agree with Zachery, don't get the domain through your hosting provider.

I own a web hosting company, and I have to somewhat agree with everyone else. As a hosting company, we need to be able to offer domain registration through the sign-up process just to make things as painless as possible. Our registration is all done through a major registrar, however we still have control over all the domains that are registered through us. A disreputable hosting provider could swipe your domain very easily. So better be safe than sorry and register your domains yourself - unless you either know the hosting company personally, or else don't have a huge vested interest in possibly losing your domain.


I agree with most people here, I would register my domain seperatly. I also would not trust recieving a domain with your hoswting as then the hosting company usually controls the domain. A customer of mine is having that problem right now. Athough she paid for her domain her old webhost controls it and her and I have been trying for a few weeks now to get ahold of the domain registrar and see if she can get login information for her domain. It has turned into a big hassle and if she can not get back control of the domain I will have to go past the 30 day money back guarentee and refund her since she has been unable to use the webspace she purchased.

Long story short, register your domain at a trusted registrar, not with a hosting company, unless you trust them. And read their TOS to make sure you can not loose control of your domain that is registered with them if you switch hosting providers.

I always say NO because a lot of hosts dont give you full control!!! Ive known so many people that lost their domain name simply because their host would not renew it!

Use a real domain register like godaddy.com

I think you guys should read the question again.


I'm confused now too. We're answering the question, aren't we?

lol thats what i thought *insert confused smilie here*

should you register your domain name independently from your web host?


That tells me that you should register it with your web host...

Of course the question was asked differently in the post....

Stop with the word games. Only register your domain with your webhost if a) You know from someone else's experience that you will in fact have full control and will not get the run around. b) please see reason "a"

On my website I refer members to my friend's reseller domain registrar as I know they have full control of their domains, and they are cheaper for .com's, .net's and .org's.

I always suggest that you register your domain separate from your webhost. If you ever have a problem, or they have a problem, it is a lot faster and easier to switch your DNS entry at GoDaddy or whereever you use and move on. It is more of a hassle to for people to move when you are not in control of your domain name.

There is no definitive answer to this question, because the answer depends on what your site is about. If you're seriously trying to start/run a business, and you have a very unique and valuable domain name idea, then registering it yourself directly would be the most sensible option. But if it's just something to play around with or if you're putting up a temporary site, or a site just to let Aunt Jenn see your new baby's pictures, just register with the host (do some research to ensure that they are reliable and don't look to be leaving the market within the next 2 weeks); it will most likely be much less costly that way. Personally, I have used a few different hosts, and have never had any problems whatsoever with who gets to do what with my domain names, except one (APlus, who wanted me to pay them seven times the original cost to renew the name, forcing me to either wait a year or register an alternate). Other than that, it's been smooth.
Still, don't fail to take into account what these others are saying. If it's important enough, take the safest route.

The only way that I would ever recommend registering a domain with your web host is if they are actually an ICANN Accredited registrar. If they have this status, there are several rules about what they can and can not do with your domain, thus you are safe from a lot of the fears that other people have mentioned in this thread.

Here is the list of the accredited registrars:

The only way that I would ever recommend registering a domain with your web host is if they are actually an ICANN Accredited registrar. If they have this status, there are several rules about what they can and can not do with your domain, thus you are safe from a lot of the fears that other people have mentioned in this thread.]

Good point...

Hey, hello there all.

As new owners of domains, I appreciate this thread's advice greatly. It wasn't till we (my husband and I) decide that we should stay as anonymous as possible before we published our sites online, did we understand the runaround they'd give us on trying to transfer a domain, from the same host where we had our webpage, to one who had WhoisGuard available.

We sent numerous emails for them to unlock the domain to be tranferred. At first it looked like they were going to do something about it and then it seemed to wither on the vine with no returned communications even after our NUMBEROUS emails to continue. It wasn't until my husband wrote a nasty gram to the host announcing his intent to cancel after the 3rd payment as agreed in contract. Then we cancelled the subscription for payment to the host in paypals and informed the host in that email that we wanted to be billed directly to our email each month. We figured if they wanted their money, they'd have to contact us and in doing so we'd finally have their attention. Guess you could say it was our way to starve them out.

After reading all the great advice here, it seems it might be smart to transfer our other domain as well just to make sure we have control of that one as well.

We are considering Namecheap.com to switch our domain to and would appreciate some feedback for experience with them. Is there another more suggested but who has WhoisGuard as well but not seriously expensive? Thanx.

Lil' Red

Getting hosting from the same registrar where you've registered your domain name is always a mess. Secondly I would suggest one should register domain name independently for your good control on it rather than registering it through your host provider.

I'm just truly pleased that so many members benefited from so many members advice on this one. I certainly did. The general opinion was as I thought...host seperately!

Thanks to everyone who posted to date.

its good to get both from the same place.. coz they'll give you a single control panel to manage all your products for the domain.. makes it very convinient.. and make sure to go to reputed company.

i have been using host papa for 2 years as host, names i buy where is cheaper......that simple

Hey Anybody; I need to find out if I own my old domain name, so I can shut the old site down. How do I find this information, and how do I go about shutting down my old site ? Thank you, Tim

I've had success registering my domain name with GoDaddy.com or DomainDash.Co Both places are pretty cheap and their customer service is awesome.

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