please i need to know what can be the ratio of the attackers packets at the server in the case of DDoS attack and i couldn't find it
thank you in advance for any help

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Please can you explain more what do you mean by attacker ratio?

If you were under a DDOS attack, you will keep getting syn packages until your network is congested and your computer will not be responding at all.

So, the ratio of the syn Packets you receive will be around 100%.

If you can explain more, I might be able to help you better.

hello, thank you very much for your reply
i want to know what is the ratio that the attackers send in, to be able to exhust the server queue?

and at the server you mean it will be 100% and the legitimate packets not there is that what you mean please?
thanks with regards


Well, this article might be helpful, Click here

Concerning the 100%, The server will be serving only the packets of the DDOS attack (syn packages), thus all other packages will be discarded.

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