My desktop is running win7 64 bit. Was connecting wirelessly to Verizon router/modem. My nephew started expermenting with virtual network. Now cannot connect to the router/modem wirelessly or wired. Sees the wireless SSID but not connecting.
Took the computer to my house where it sees and connects to my wireless network. (pc had Avg on it and was very, very infected). Error message for "Origin" kept popping up. Kamachi on the computer. not sure what that is.
Please help!!

Ok, first things first are to resolve the virus issues.

BACKUP all your files onto a removal storage device, such as a CD-RW, flash drive or portable HDD. DO NOT connect this to another computer, as you are likely to be moving viruses with it, but it is important this data is backed up if it hasn't already been done so.

As you've managed to connect to the internet from your house, install a program such as MS Security Essentials, Avast etc. and do a full and thorough scan of your computer, allowing the software to resolve any virus issues.

If worst comes to worst, you might need to format your computer (hence the backing up of files).

If you have managed to control the virus issue, scan the portable media you backed up onto and then replace the files.

Let us know how this goes, and then we can resolve the problem of not being able to connect to your Nephew's network (simplest would probably be to just reset the router and disable the virtual networks until he has set it up properly).

Using another system! download a Trojan removal tool from Macfee Symantec or the TR removal tool, MalwareBytes free, get them installed and boot the system to safe mode (still is F8 as the sytem boots or crash the sysytem as it loads {a bit dodgy but it does work} and let it restart)and run a full scan of the system. Malwarebytes will produce a log if it finds anything, and if the PC was infected it will remove them /it including the spyware, malware entries, you may have to run it a couple of time to ensure a clean system. If you can not get it clean then get the files backed up (the list goes like this Docs Pics Videos, Contacts (address book) Emails Favourites check the desktop for any folders as well) Make sure you have the serial numbers passwords email server details, port nos, etc copy them to notepad. Then format and rebuild, it is often quicker and safer to rebuild if you cannot get a clean system. Good luck!

network and share center/change adapter setting:
1.disable virtual network adapter
2.check for enable local area network propertis : internet protocol v4-propertis:obtain an ip address automatically