Please help me about Static Ip because I am a complete beginer for this, I just got a static IP for my dsl connection. I have a router in place (Microsoft Broadband MN 700)
with a server running behind the router, How do I forward the ports to the server?:sad:

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You need to read about something call NAT and within your router you will have settings related to NAT. It will allow you to configure your router to forward ports from the outside (internet) to the inside (where you pc is).

In the settings page it will ask you for a port number and which PC you want that port to forward to e.g. port 80 is for web pages. The ip address is not your static one from your ISP but local ip address. You can get this by clicking start > Run then type cmd, then type ipconfig this will give you the ipaddress of your machine e.g.

To test that this has worked you will need to try and connect using a different internet connection. It will not work using your own connection.

I hope this helps.

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