Hello GrandMasters!!!
I am newby here.
please consider my question as a HELP!!

3 Static CAT-6, 1 Dynamic CAT-6 connect with a Switch, Finaly Swtich Connect with the PC.

here is my problem:

I have 3 Static IP Based Device-


I have my Indoor Internet with WiMAX Connection which has the DYNAMIC connection.

I have 1 Dynamic IP based Device-
1. Internet Connection (Dynamic!!!)

The Last device I have is-
1. 8-Port TP-LINK Switch.

Now, I want to connect all of them in Switch.
Then I want to connect Switch to my PC (for using all the device in one PC).

In my PC I have Only One LAN card.

NOW!!!! here is the problem.....

I want to stay Connected with Internet through WiMAX (dynamic) Connection.
Also, besides, I want to work with my 3 Other Devices (Static).

All of them Must have to Be Used IN MY WINDOWS PC.

Because, Seperatly All of them are Working. With my pc I want to Monitor Them, what are they doing.

Please let me know, HOW CAN I Assamble the IP address in my LAN IP settings.

I am using-
Windows XP SP3
1GbPS Built-In LAN


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What you need is a router instead of a switch. A simple 4 port router will have a WAN connection that you can connect to the WiMAX and 4 LAN ports that you can connect everything else to. You can then put the other static devices on the LAN ports and work from there and if you ever need it you could get the other three systems to the internet.

If I remember correctly the WiMAX uses 192.168.15.X for the subnet it is assigning IP in. If you moved your static devices to the 192.168.15.X subnet with a netmask of with no gateway assigned and let your computer get the dynamic IP from the WIMAX or a new router you would be able to talk just fine.


Thank Your For the post Sir, I really appreciate it.

But i can't setup the ip address..
i used one TP-Link 8-port router.

WAN port = Dynamic IP (Internet Connection)

LAN 1 = PC
LAN 2 = Static Device IP
LAN 3 = Static Device IP
LAN 4 = Static Device IP

in my windows TCP/IP settings i make like this


gateway = blank

nothin happend
no internet, no static device.

then i change them to AUTO Obtaining IP,
Now, I have the Internet but NO STATIC IP!!

Please, Sir, let me know how to use them.

just make like that settings which i mentioned above.

please give me an Step by Step Instructions.




A router and a switch are not the same thing. A router will have settings where you can set up DHCP and a WAN port and several LAN ports and can use NAT (Network Address Transation) top give multiple private IPs fot a single public IP. A switch is simply a jusction box that allow the systems to connect and does not do much else.

I use a router at home that my internet modem is connected to. The cable modem goes to the WAN port and receives a single dynamic (DHCP) address from my service provider. In the router I have DHCP set up to provide addresses over the LAN ports and the router uses and is the gateway for my LAN. My Linux server is at and the WIndows Server is at both with a netmak of DHCP is running on the route for the LAN and uses addresses NM

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