I have a DELL PC and a LAPTOP i have BSNL broadband connection with modem which worked fine on both the systems not i shifted to BEAM broadband which do not have any modem now the problem is i am able to connect it to LAPTOP and browse by using a USERNAME and PASSWORD but unable to connect from the PC. as soon the cable is pluged in the network icon shows connected and disappears immediately. and the browser dosnt load even the broadbands portal. i have tried all methods to resolve but not solved unable to ping to any website

What operating system are you running on both systems, and how is the broadband device connected to the computers (usb, or something else)?

my operating system in widows xp sp3 in both laptop and desktop. connection is direct a cat5 cable to my PC no modem

my lapotop pc, hp630 notebook can not detect network wireless instead the network wireless is available but can not connect. what can i do?

viplovdeep: If you are able to connect with LAN but unable to ping to Interent, then there might be a problem with the DNS. (It needs to resolve the IP with the Hostname)

Check whether you have the same DNS Server IP in laptop and PC. Else use the OpenDNS.

laizer: Going forward please raise a new thread for your question. Otherwise, your problem won't be seen by users. Now reg your problem, there might be several reason -- Low Wi-Fi Signal, Malfunctioning driver or the modem might be configured with MAC Addressing filtering which will allow only specific MAC to connect. Please check for Wi-Fi Settings in your modem.

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