I have an interesting problem that has me scratching my head for a solution. I have an older HP Officejet that wirelessly connects to my network. But it doesn't work with 802.11N and I want to use it with my new Router and equipment I purchased. So, to keep everything working, I kept the DHCP on both routers working and everything is configured so that all computers on the second router have access to interent etc. But, the computers on the second router can't see the printer on the first router. Is there any way to get them to see each other?


-DHCP Start for Router 1:
-DHCP Start for Router 2:
-Computers can input IP address of HP Officejet and see information screen

The wireless network setup is as follows:

SMCD3GN - Wireless Modem/Router #1: 802.11B/G
-->Wirless Connection--> HP OfficeJet 7100 Printer
-->Wired Connection--> DLink DGL-4500 Router #2

DLink DGL-4500 - Router #2: 802.11N
-->Wired Connection--> Computer 1
-->Wireless Connection--> Computer 2
-->Wireless Connection--> DLink DAP-1522

DLink DAP-1522 - Bridge/Access Point:
-->Wired Connection--> Computer 3
-->Wired Connection--> Xbox
-->Wired Connection--> Computer 4


This problem is weird and i have never experience before. Try the below link


You can also google and try finding a solution. I am interested in this problem

Unfortuantely that link you sent me is a different issue since both computers were on the same router.

I have tried googling this, but I haven't come across an issue liek this. I have a feeling that since both routers are using their own DHCP's, this won't work out.

I am nit very sure about this. Try seeking the help of an IT expert, he might be able to help.

Good luck with your problem solved

1'st of all

most probably the second router (DGL-4500) works in NAT mode - that means from the WAN side you are not able to connect directly to your LAN side - that means putting the printer into WAN side can cause some trouble for clients

your cable modem is very provider related - do you have access to config menu to make some modifications?


from that link it seems that the router is also N draft wifi

3. from your post I understand that you need to connect some "remote" devices" via WiFI to the internet

that means
3.1. put your cable modem router in "bridge mode"
(that will disable all function on it) - or at least the wifi on that device
3.2. configure your router DGL-4500 to accept "older b/g" (should be a check or some sort of menu into wireless
3.3. make all config to the wireless EXACT as on the first device (SMC one)
- this + 3.2 will trigger the WiFi printer to connect to the second router
3.4. make the appropriate setting to the WAN of DGL-4500 (if you put the first one in bridge mode you'll need to have Internet Ip to this one - not private network)

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