I'm building a web application for a small office, to run their daily business. The employees will be logged in and working in the system thorugh the whole day.

My client is located in Israel, and I'm shopping for a hosting cloud provider for him to host the application that I'll build

My options is a server in the US, in Europe, and a local one - in Israel. A local provider is far more expensive.

I need to estimsate how much will the location of the server influence the reponsiveness of the system. And need to do it before I actually order the hosting, install the application and can measure it directly.

Is it a problem at all? Is the latency for a server located over the Atlantic generally felt by users and uncomfortable? How about from one side of Europe to another? (3000 Kilometers by air, from Germany to Israel)

Are there common numbers (like: average ping time between these two countries, or geographical regions, is such and such)

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Latency will be the big issue. And how it affects your program depends on the program.

Does the program need 1 call, 20 calls, 100 calls with heavy DB inserts?

If this is the lifeblood of the system, then it should be located as close to the majority of users as possible. The Bill for the hosting services can be passed onto the customer anyway. The customer may gripe at a slightly larger hosting bill, but they will gripe more if it takes 10 times as long to complete any work process due to high latency issues.

CimmerianX, it's a simple CRM application with a standard MVC architecture.

Can you explian more your comment?

What do you mean when you ask about the ammount of the calls? Do you mean per hour or something like that?

Think of it this way.

If a single write takes 100ms at the close DataCenter 10 non-parallel writes takes 1000 ms.

If the more distant center needs 500 ms for a single write, then 10 non-parallel items take 5000 ms.

If you app needs hundreds of inserts to function, you can see how quickly the lag time would increase.

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