What are the possible network topologies and media that could be used to create the computer network(LAN)?
What is the most suitable topology for a LAN?

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For quite some time now, the standard on te LAN has been Fast Ethernet implemented as a physical and logical star.

Other LAN topologies such as Token Ring and Standard Ethernet (bus topology) are no longer being implemented on the typical LAN.

There are other types of topologies as well. Is this a design question or are you trying to gather research for an assignment?

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Media doesn't compose a network, it flows within it. As far as topologies, are you looking for theoretic type of topologies or realizations of real networks? If it is the latter you should design a business case first. In general, the layout of a network and its subnets/vlans is driven by the nature of the computers connected and the work being done.

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The word topology means ‘arrangement’, so when we talk about the topology of a network, we mean how the different parts are arranged and connected together.

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