Hello everyone ...
I have a question, how we define the speed of the network card?
On Windows 7,Windows server 2008.
For example, I want to be a speed to 2 Mega "256 / s"

thanks to all....

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The "speed" of a network card is generally categorized in either Megabits or Gigabits per second. It's very common these days to find that your computer has a 1 Gb/sec card (wired). Of course, the network that this card is plugged into would have to be able to support that connection.


What you talking about not I want, I want making network card that be speed 2Mb,
becuse I put real IP for this card and I want limit for connection with internet by 2M "256/s",
I hope you understand me>>>>

thanks jorge


O Brother

I want to determine the speed of data transfer by the network card, because I use real ip on this interface,,,,,
I had the fiber line at 18 Mb,,I do not want the server take all bandwidth" all speed 18Mb"

I used Windows server 2008

Understand jorge

thanks alot


sorry can you explain how because i do not understand what did you meaning?

show me the way....


O Brother

Windows has the ability to monitor various components of the system such as CPU, Disk, Network, etc...

If you need to record data, you can by creating a data collector. If you only need to see current live data, just launch task manager. You can see CPU, memory and network utilization.


Ok sorry, i understand now. You want to limit the bandwidth on that server. Ok, i havent done this personally, however, this would fall under QoS (quality of service).

Take a look at Policy-based Quality of Service (QoS), this paragraph...

Throttling traffic
To manage the use of network bandwidth, you can use Specify Throttle Rate to configure a QoS policy with a throttle rate for outbound traffic. By default, the Specify Throttle Rate check box is not selected. With throttling, a QoS policy will limit the outgoing network traffic to a specified rate. Both DSCP marking and throttling can be used together to manage traffic effectively.


can you loggin on my server by team viewer...

and creat policy front of me.....

or give me video or something..

because i created but not work.
still by same speed.


No sorry...wont be able to log into your system and configure this for you. Did you read the QoS document the link references above? You mentioned SErver 2008 first, now Win 7... should be the same process.

Unforunately, i dont have a "quick setup guide to share".

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