I want to access an Ext HDD that is connected to laptop, when the laptop is closed, I can't access the Ext HDD on the network. I want this External HDD accessed at anytime including when it's closed. In my searches all I find is how to setup a network within Windows between computers, I did come across Windows Credential is this the route follow ?

**How to fix the problem of “Could not reconnect all network drives” on Windows 7

  1. Click Start, then in the “Search programs or files” box type “Credential Manager” and click it.
  2. Click “Add a Windows credential”
  3. Type in the Internet or Network address (Enter the server name only), the User name, and the Password. Click OK, then click "X" to close the window
  4. Click Start, then click Computer.
  5. Click Map network drive
  6. Select the Drive from the pull down list, and type in the path to the Folder you want to map. Make sure the Reconnect at Login box is checked, and click "Finish".
    The folder will open, and you are done. The next time to Login or Reboot computer the drive will be mounted.**

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Most laptops will either go into sleep or hibernate mode when the lid is closed. In either case, it will not be listening for network connection requests. You need to alter your power settings so that the system stays operational when the top is closed. It will drain the battery, however; so when you do that, you might want to be sure the laptop is plugged into wall power.

Duh, thanks I should have checked there first. I overload my head too much :)

It was working at first. I disabled hibernation on the laptop including all drives from sleeping.

I can't access the external drive that is connected to the laptop, arghhh I thought this was solved.

Genrerlly when you close your leptop ,Then your external hdd also closed due not getting any power supply ,so when your leptop stand on hibernat mode ,Then your external hdd work properly .

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