cigoL..:) -1 Newbie Poster

Hi guys!

I'm currently running ubuntu server for my website. The problem is that i cannot seem to ping my 'gateway' server using different laptop/PC

i have 3 servers: one is the gateway, second is the database and the third is for the codes and applications
I have two internet connection one is for public connection (my family's wifi) and the other one is the dedicated connection for the servers

I want to connect to the dedicated server using my family's wifi but i cannot ping the gateway's IP.. what should i do? is it on DHCP? or do i have to edit this : /etc/interfaces/network/ ..any suggestions guys? i really need to fix this as soon as possible or our business will fail. I appreciate any form of help (even donation. LOL just kiding)

Im sorry if you don't understand. English is not my native language.feel free to correct me :)

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