In our network we have two gateways one for accessing local intranet sites and other for accessing internet.we use static routing in individual pc to access both the routes.we are facing problem that one intranet site .we susscessfully ping the site from ip addess and  tracert is also  done successfully but this site is not opening from the browser IE 8.During tracert it is also not showing the sitename but tracert comes susscessfull by ip address.i also  done host entry

Normally trying to have two gateways is a bad thing. The gateway s the portal through which the system is to send all traffic that it does not have on the local subnet or a route for. Depending on your operating system I would do a route or route print to find out what routes are set up in the system and see if the problem servers subnet is routed properly.

route print shows all the routes.That particular site also gives reply when it is ping.Tracert also successfull.The only thing is about name resolution window is not able to resolve the name from the ip address.If we tracert an ip address of any site then tracert also gives the name of that particular site and offcourse route but when we tracert this site it does not provide us its name. it only shows its route.i have also done entries in lmhost file in windows 7 but it shows no result


You probably need an entry in the hosts file (not lmhosts) it is a file in c:\windows\systems32\drivers\etc and it you edit it with notepad MAKE SURE YOU DON'T SAVE IT AS A TEXT FILE. If it has the .txt extension it will not work.

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