Hy friends,

I created vmware linux (Redhat ) Server on Window 7 pc with usning vmware/virtualbox

Host pc is window 7 vmware machine has linux server with webserver.

window 7 has static ip like vmware machine has lan ip like

I want to access vmware machine (linux) website from outside as on my mobile or cyber cafe....

I completely open my website in host pc as well as vmware machine but not outside..

May be It is used for port forwarding or other I m confused how to access website of Internal Lan to Outside

Is this a VMware, or a VirtualBox VM? You say that the VM is using a bridged network. If so, then it should get its IP address from the local network's dhcp server. IE, it should be 80.xxx.xxx.xxx or something like that unless your host as an externally addressable static IP address. The 192.168.xxx.xxx address your VM has is a local unroutable address. If you want outside entities to access the web server on it, then you need to configure your router/firewall to route port 80 (for http requests) and/or 443 (https) to those ports on the 192.168... address.