internet explorer has stopped working i cant open any web pages. mozilla firefox will open the yahoo page but when i try to go to another site any site it says its untrusted i cant even check my email and i get a security warning? how do i fix this? and how do i fix internet explorer, id rather use this than mazilla firefox...

Unless you've been affected by some nasty malware, resetting IE settings to defaults will remove any changes you have made to the browser.

Go to options, advanced tab. You.ll see a reset button. That returns the browser to defaults. Give it a try.

I believe there are website you don't want to go to because it contain malicious malware and spyware. Firefox give this warning for a reason unless you think it is safe.

If a reset does not work, try a system restore to a point before the problem occurred.

The most common cause of your problem is infection and infections can easily infect restore points.
What antivirus and antimalware software do you have and have you scanned with it recently?

check your computer time and date

Try unstalling and again install. may be issye related with file systems.
Or else use google chrome.

The closest thing i've had to this is when my old laptop got infected by a rogue called "Windows 7 defender" (NOT to be confused with Windows defender) after getting to another PC I got some easy tools and tricks to remove it in just about 5 minutes. the first thing I'd check for is malware, viruses and rogues.