please tell me the answer of this question i am not good in advanced maths

An administrator and engineer are two different things. However, I beleive that your are simple referring to the type of position that manages a corporate network that includes network resources such as domain accounts, network gear, and networking services. For this type of position, there really isn't much math involved.

i dont thnk so in networking u need to konw maths. basically maths is compulsory for programmers.

What JorgeM said is basically correct. Some simple math is required to decode IP addresses (I used to teach this in elementary networking classes to AT&T technicians, most with a high-school education) for a network admin position, but this is simple for anyone with high-school math. To be a network engineer (and all that the title "engineer" entails), then math at least through differential calculus is needed, plus a degree from a accredited educational institution. There are exceptions (I am one), but the basic skills cannot be shorted. I am a non-degreed engineer, but I have many university credits in graduate-level technical curricula, as well as the requisite maths and scientific knowledge.

my lan network problem to somtime pc send receved problem so please give me answer sir

When it comes to large networks, you might have subnets and large number of vlans, now even though we have calculators for this, to understand how it works one needs to know mathematics, not on a post graduate level though.

Electives of this degree
Network Programming
Network Security
Mobile Computing
Internetworking with UNIX, TCP/IP
Introduction to Network Storage
Essentials of Storage Networking
Broadband Networks

The electives seems to be pretty good, if it is a four years programme then it should definitely help for a network engineer position, also depends on how good is the school and the value for the certification they offer in the market.

i will do ccna after the degree will this be good for landing a job in network engineering

does network administrator work with ladder and connect wire to from pole to pole. ? or it is to manage computers that provides internet to users and troubleshoot the problem on that network servers .

As a 20 year Network admin, you should know all about running cable. That being said, I always outsource layer 1 stuff to a 3rd party. They will usually do it faster, and it will cost less than your valuable time.

Network admin's main job is to keep the network up and usable for the end users. And if that means having to run the odd cable once in a while, you do it.