I have a D-link router and a laptoop (with a wireless card) and a DESKTOP (with a 10/100 PCI card).

For some reason, when I boot my DESKTOP I cannot connect to it from my laptop.

When I first boot the DESKTOP and look at the Properties of the Local Area Connection the Address Type says "Automatic Private Address." Then after about 20 minutes it changes to "Assigned by DHCP." At that time I am able to connect to the DESKTOP.

Does this show what my problem is and would anyone have an idea how to fix it so it stays at "Assigned by DHCP?"


i don't undertstand what you mean by connecting to your desktop. assigned by DHCP just means that your router is assinging you an ip address.

I mean that I cannot access my DESKTOP from my laptop via my router until the "Address Type" on my DESKTOP resolved to "Assigned by DHCP"...which, for some reason takes about 20 minutes.

Your router is taking too long to assign your Desktop an IP address. If you're only using 2 PCs, I suggest you change your IP address to a Static IP address. That way, you won't have to wait while your router assigns an IP address.