Dear All

I would like to install wifi hotspot internet service in our meeting rooms for guests.

I want users to get their ticket theirself.

What software / hardware do you suggest?


While there are a lot of Wireless Access Points and more, to implement this would also need understanding of your current network. Your question alone isn't enough detail.

Since the usual is to not allow them on your network, you implement some guest network. We've never bothered with a ticket system. We just put the SSID and password on the board for guests to read. We don't offer PC support either. Some folk come in with broken machines and we learned long ago to not offer to work with them on their machine. You may have to experience this a few times to understand why.

What rproffit said. In places where I worked that had/have guess access points, the router that the guest AP's are connected with are NOT connected to the corporate network, but directly to the internet. If they require access to the corporate network, and are given the means to do so (VPN access), then they can use that to get into the corporate network, but that is not normal. Generally, only company computers that are appropriately screened and scanned for malware are allowed on the corporate network. IE, even remotely, I can ONLY use the corporate laptop to access corporate resources, with some exceptions.

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