I have a scenario as such. 1 router connected behind a proxy used to connect PC with LAN devices. Proxy provides limited access to websites on the net. There is a 2nd router, Wifi only, which is not connected to any proxy, thus allowing open connection to the web.
I would like to use my ethernet connection (LAN cable) to access the LAN devices, while using a USB WiFi device on the same PC to simultaneously be able to use the open network.
Is this possible on a PC running Windows 10?
If yes, what are the steps to configure such connections?

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As far as I know , you can only have one internet connection open at a time.

This would test your network skills. There is no short answer here. That is, you would have to add routes to the host's routing table and that's specific to your setup.

Most of the time this fails because the two LANs use the same IP range. If you have no idea of this area, you have about a year of study ahead of you. I have yet to find a shortcut unless you get a network guru to set it up and maintain it for you.

@rproffitt - The IP range of the WiFi connection is completely different from that of the LAN one. In fact, the WiFi is open to public, so anyone can just switch on WiFi on a mobile phone and get access.

commented: Then dive into routes. +10
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