Hello all
I run out of credit for my zain sim which i use wiith a modem to surf. I realised I can still ping any url. the catch is i cannot actually browse these pages. is there anyway i can still connect to the internet. what does the ping command do that my browser does not.

All a ping does is test to see if a data packet can be sent back and forth between 2 computers. If you are talking about credits from an isp then they turned off your gateway or firewalled you. You can still send ping packets but that's it

Usually with that kind of internet access when you connect you're put on an internal network. When you're connected to that network the provider will resolve any hostname and respond to all traffic and redirect browser requests to their payment site. After you pay and authenticate they put you on a live network. There is no telling if you're actually hitting the site you think you are or if the ISP is responding to all traffic. They probably redirect the standard web ports of :80 and :443 to stop browsing until you paid.