Hello Daniweb Community,
Lately we have been experiencing slow internet, now the thing is. In the house we have 12 devices connected, then from the router it goes out to the bungalow which has around 5-7 devices.
The router we have in the house is a TP-Link Archer D50 and in the bungalow is a TP-Link Archer C2 and we have ADSL2+ (on the Optus network). The maxium speed we were told we're getting is around 6-7Mbps/Download and around 500-600Kbps/Upload.
The other problem we are having is, my sister can't even get a good connection on her PS4 (can't even check her friends), it sometimes won't even let her connect to the router.

Our idea was to drop Optus and go with iiNet and go on cable which usually is around 30-50 download and upload. However, will the issue still persist? Could it be the router? because it wasn't like a super-cheap router, around $150 (not expensive, but it wasn't like a cheap $50-$100 one), or could it be slow internet? when my sister was able to connect her PS4, she checked the speed and the download was something like 100-200 Kbps.

Could someone please give me your insight on this and I'd like to know what is a better solution (however we are still planning to move to iiNet when our contract with Optus runs out).

You might try just rebooting your router. I have to do that periodically when my connection bogs down (only 3 computers on it). As soo as it restarts my connections speed up considerably. There is no way I can see what the problem is but I suspect router tables are getting too large (or possibly scrambled).

Ok I've reset it, I'll see how it goes today.

Hi Josh. Did you check your security settings? How about cable connections and continuity? Any new RF devices between the router and network devices? Good luck! Please post fix.

Ugh sorry for the late reply. I don't know why but I'm no longer receiving emails from DaniWeb. Sorry it doesn't matter now, we have gone with another provider with a cable service and is much faster. Thanks anyway.