I've been in Palo Alto, CA for a long time now. Since October. When I left, I had Time Warner Cable at my apartment in NYC. Looks like I'll be going back to Spectrum with a whole new service line-up. What can I look forward to? Anyone use them?

Re: Time Warner Cable 80 80

Never have had TWC. Verizon I had in the Boston Area about 10-12 years ago. I was one of their first FIOS subscribers. Here in Chicago we use AT&T, but only for phone and Internet.

Re: Time Warner Cable 80 80

I'm on TWC/Spectrum now but with the Net Neutrality under siege Comcast has already stepped in with a 1TB cap and surcharges over that.

While that sounds like a lot, folk that cut the cable TV cord can go over that mark. How much will that cost them? I can't find the article on that right now but....

Be prepared for changes.

So far TWC has delivered reliable service here for 5+ years in San Diego.

Re: Time Warner Cable 80 80

I'm a huge cable TV watcher so not someone who plans on cutting the cord. However, with cable service on both coasts now, TWC in NYC now offers online streaming of live TV along with everything on my DVR box. This is new since the Spectrum thing. Might not need to pay for cable TV on the left coast if I can do that.

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