I'm very much interested to develop Network IDS for my final year project , but I'm beginner to this Network security domain.Need some suggestion and some resources to develop this project.please help me .

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Well, first suggestion I have is to do some minimal set of research related to your topic. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, an IDS is no small task.

There are existing projects that you can build from including Bro and Snort.

There are other projects that take a more deep dive such as VESPA (do a google scholar search for VESPA vulnerability signatures)

What is your goal? Do you want to build a product, extend an existing solution, improve some currently lacking functionality? It is hard to suggest things with such a broad topic as Network IDS.


Thank you very much for your great suggestion. it is very helpful for my project .
Basically i want to develop signature based IDS with countermeasures options.
I'm confused about platform which i have to choose windows or linux ,also about software development tools.
please help me .

Thank you


In my experience, Linux is a much friendlier platform when dealing with deep networking code. The source is open and there is a rich set of tools to choose from. That is not to say the Windows is not a practical platform to develop to, it just presents more roadblocks in my opinion.

Software development tools are really up to you; use what you are comfortable with. There is nothing in the networking world that necessitates a new environment (unless your platform requires it).

I'd suggest you read up on the suggestions I gave and familiarize yourself with the current state of IDS development. Once you have a grip on what you'd like to do, develop a plan to get that done.

We can be here to assist you in that journey, but the journey itself is yours.


If you choose linux, i would be interested in help with testing and maybe some code.

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