In an office environment, how would one make certain apps or sites faster than others? Let's say make google faster than youtube or facebook, for everyone in that office.

Please let me know if this is in the wrong section or if I am not clear enough.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for the quick reply.
I actually am new here and don't know the IT staff.
Browsing the articles of different google results, it seems Squid can restrict access per site completely, therefore reducing overall bandwidth. That is already done, and some websites are completely blocked here. It's a pretty common thing to do in such environments.
That is not what I'm looking for, though, unless I missed the solution. What I want is some sites (and apps) to be slower or faster, be allocated less or more resources, and not being shut off completely.

Ahh, so this is the opposite of Net Neutrality. finds what I was looking for. Remember I am electing to not write a tutorial here but find the right words and tools for you to get there. That is, I know Cisco gear and CCNA could do this but when folk ask I think they want it using tools like Squid.

"Here's a full example of how to shape traffic between the proxy and origin based on the request target. It assigns websites one of three priorities, after the upstream bandwidth is scheduled by priority, each client gets an equal portion of each priority."
It's deeply technical and something your IT staff must deep dive into at:

Note example is changing priority "# Give high priority to Wikipedia, low priority to YouTube"

Remember I take it you are a networking master here and only need pointers to the apps and example for your Squid server.

Yes, thank you, that sounds exactly the thing my coworkers want. It was a delight to read about it on the wiki.
I appreciate for pointing me in the right direction, networking is not my forte. But seeing that torrenting and p2p apps can cap the dl limit per connection for 10-15 years now, I figured the technology to do this in an entire network should be there, but my googling skills failed me. 'Traffic Shaping' are the magic terms and now we know what to ask for, and point them to examples, if they reply that it can't be done.