I am trying to connect a new D-Link router to the internet. I have tried to install the router at my dynamic ip address as I am broadband cable. When the set up is looking for internet connections it tells me it has a problem when trying to access the internet, please check your DSL/Cable connection and verify your internet connection settings. I have disconnected the modem numerous times and reconnected but to no avail and also tried different channels and security. I access the internet with no problem when not using the router.

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It means that you may have made a mistake with your username and password to connect to your ISP account to access the internet. Or your cables are not correct. Make sure about this, and visit the following page for DLink guidance:


Nice kraai. Well you said that you can access the internet when not using a router, are you using a laptop. Is your cable connected properly, did you change any router settings, reset it to default and see whether it can allow you access the internet

Thanks for the replies and I will give your advice a go.
I perhaps should have explained more fully. My previous router was a Netgear but only 54mbps so it was quite slow. Somebody gave me the D-Link DIR-615 which is a n router so I figured it would be faster. However as I knew I was getting a new PC I held off for a few weeks before trying the D-Link. So this is a new PC trying to connect to a new router.
I ran the self install CD that came with the D-Link and think I have connected everything as explained. I was allowed to give my network a name and set a password (which I made a note of). However none of my wireless devices (PC, laptop, XBox, iPhone) can connect to the internet via the router although they all find the name of the network.
But I get the error message stated at the end of the process.

It sure sounds that your user name and pass as received from your ISP was not entered correctly. Try to see if that is correct.

Not quite sure what you mean, sorry mate. When using the setup CD I have been asked for a network name and password which I have given. I don't recall ever having received a name and password from my ISP.

It works like this!

1. You said you are on "broadband cable" and that means, you connect to the internet via the ISP who provide you with it.

2. In order to connect, your ISP will provide you with a user name and password for your broad band account with them. If your ISP also supplied your previous router as part of their services, it may be that the pre-configured your previous router with your unique user name and pass and that may be the reason why you can't "remember" that you received it?

3. If you set-up a new router, you need that user name and pass to be able to connect with your new router to the internet.

Have you looked at the link, the guidlines I posted somewhere above? If you follow that guidance, on installing your new router, via cd wizard or manually, in both cases, you will get this:

User Name - Enter your PPPoE username.
Password - Enter your PPPoE password.

That info comes from your ISP, and is not something you can just think out by yourself.

You should call your isp and ask them what is your user name and pass to install on your new router.

Good luck!

Ah I understand what you mean now. Thanks for taking the time to reply, really appreciate it. Sorry for being so dense!

Well, let us know how it turned out!

Hi kraai, well my only broadband only need to enter the password, there is no username.

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