Hi Guys. I knw what I want to achieve but not how to achieve it! Any hints would be gratefuly received, or, if it's not possible, tell me so I can stop trying.

I have an internet connection -> router with NAT, DHCP etc -> LAN with all kinds of switches and WiFi access points all on the same subnet.
I have a couple of TV devices that need to access the LAN and also access the internet via a VPN for access to the right countries.
So I connected a VPN router to the LAN and the TV devices to that router. Now all the TV traffic goes via the VPN - so far so good. But the VPN router also VPN's access to the local LAN addresses, so they are inaccessible.
I've fudged it for the moment with a physical 2-1 ethernet switch so I can switch the TVs direct to LAN or via the VPN router, which works, but obviously isn't a good solution.
What I think I need is a router to hang off my my LAN that will simple pass all local traffic but route all other addresses via the VPN.
Is there such a thing? Or is the another way to do it?

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This area can upset folk. That is, if we break the VPN like this, it's not really a VPN but more of a proxy. That out of the way, some routers let you setup your LAN to VPN to where you wish. But breaking the VPN is well, another thing altogether.

To date I've kept the VPN true and don't accept such breakage to be acceptable and call it a VPN.

But as we see when reading priors at https://www.google.com/search?q=local+lan+access+when+using+VPN to break this (or some may calling fixing it) what you use for VPN matters as each system varies.

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FYI (if anyone was wondering) I found a solution and this is it:

I replace both routers with a single Asus running Merlin (enhanced Asus-wrt) that supports OpenVPN with routing rules. Now I just need that one router (so no LAN problems) and use outbound VPN rules so that only the TV devices use the VPN

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Same problem facing by me from previous few days

I have been looking for this information for a long time, I was very surprised when I found it here.

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