hello everyone.. i am a final year student. we are asked to do a project in networking.. what kind of project in networking should i do.. i confuse what kind of project should i do.. i am in need of a project topic which is feasible and can be finished within 2 months duration..

i'll be very thankful if u can suggest me a good topic..
thanks in advance..

WebRTC video chat with integrated payments for adult performers and smut peddlers, perhaps?

commented: Brill. May as well get in on what the internet is all about. +15

Having an off day pty?

Given Canada's change today you may want to do something in agriculture.

Having an off day pty?

It's a solid idea. The users don't need to be adult workers, it could just as easily apply to counsellors or support staff. If you want to make money then adult services are the obvious answer though.

@pty. It's a solid answer. And as you noted can be used for other industries and services.

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