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My home plug speed has dropped the broadband speed down to a snails pace(1.08Mbps)it should be around 8 Mbps any suggestion how to correct this.

The unit is an unknown brand(Ebay) rated 200Mbps max


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Two things to check... can you directly plug into the back of the router (wired) to ensure the problem is not with your system accessing the network via wireless?

In parallel, I would contact your ISP so that they can run tests on your wire. They usually can determine if the problem is before or after the router.

What do you mean by the term "home plug"? Are you referring to a powerline network adapter? Or something else?

Good idea unfortunately there is not a spare outlet on the modem to plug it in.The wireless is reaching the broadband speeds so I presume I can take it that it is not a problem with ISP

Home Plug(Trade name) broadband through the internal electrical wiring of the house.This problem just started recently .79 Mbps upc speed test

It will be a pain to have to install a Ethernet cable from next room.



It may be due to interference from a neighbor's WiFi access point. By default, most AP's use channel 6 (of 11) for transmissions. You might want to change your AP to use another channel instead.

I had similar problems even while connected directly to the router (no WIFI), so I called the ISP. They tried very hard, even replaced the underground wiring from their box outside the house to the next point after confirmiong the wires from their box to the house was fine. I fixed the problem by reinstalling Windows on four laptops which means I still do not know what caused it.

Hi thanks for the responses.I may go the hard wired route

There is a suggestion as mentioned by vadriaan that the elec wiring to the sockets might need to be looked at and may be causing the problem or interference from other electrical equipment mobile phone chargers plugged into the local elec circuit.

Tv using same outlet may have been interfering with broadband it has since increased speed to 9 Mbs which is not great considering wifi is 20Mbs.

It will do the job for the moment

Thanks all

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