I want to share internet with my home network PCs but the IP of 192.x.x.x series already used by service provider. I have one wireless LAN card and one Simple LAN Card.

I am connected to Internet through an AP through Wireless card and gateway and Network server IP which is used by service provider.

Please Simple Config. or software solution.

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but the IP of 192.x.x.x series already used by service provider.

Do a google/wiki for "NAT (network address translation" and "ICS (internet connection sharing)"



I am working on NW project so, If u people tell me directly solution steps it will b useful. Searching I know that.


No Iam not using router
I want a alternative for internet sharing on PC because This IP is used by my internet provider so, i can not share internet with other home PCs.


AP's are usually routers, yes? Is the access point yours? or are you "borrowing" the signal?

If that is the case, then put another network card in your computer. I think there should be a setting or some software that would allow you to share the internet connection from the wireless card, through your computer, then out the LAN port (into a router which would connect all your computers.)

I am not sure if this would work, but i think it has been done many times before. If it works, let me know, as i have the need for the same setup. :) (except it is my wireless... :D)

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