Hi, I found your forum while searching for help connecting a Peak 54bps cable wireless router to a Motorola SB41 external cable modem. I'm trying to share the broadband connection with 2 laptops. I really hope you can help me because because I'm tearing my hair out.

The modem is connected to the wireless router via an ethernet cable and the router is then connected to the pcagain with an ethernet cable. Wireless LAN cardbus pc cards are in the laptops. The 3 pc's are able to communicate with each other but none of them will connect to the internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What's the router's default gateway address? Are they using DHCP or static IP addresses? Can any of the hosts ping the router?

The router has an IP address, and you'll need to configure those hosts on the network to use the router's IP address as the default gateway. If the machines are configured to get an IP address automatically, then you should automatically get DNS and gateway server addresses.

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