The cable is a Cat5e UTP 350mhz patch cable I just got to hook up another computer to my linksys wrt54gs version 1 router and when I do so it seems to screw up the router. I was connecting and using the internet fine before I connected this cable to the router. When I plug it in, the active connection lights on the front of the router indicate that they are connected but nothing seems to go through it. When I disconnect the new cable from the router I am able to connect to the internet fine (this is how I am posting this now).

I also noticed that the connection indicator light is still on even though I took the cable out. It was port #2 on the back of my router and even though the cable is no longer plugged in, it is green. I tried powering off my cable modem and the router both for a few minuets before reconnecting them but the problem still persists, and the light is still on even though it has no cable connected to that port.

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What OS is the computer with the funky hookup running?

Try using a different port on the router. If that doesn't work, log into the router through your web panel and make sure you have the latest firmware installed for it.

Have you tried Linksys tech sup. yet? Probably faster response time.


Heads up...Brighthouse / Road Runner has changed something with their DNS / Nameservers that is causing my Linksys Router that has been working fine for 2 1/2 years to not work. Just FYI, I am currently going through the posts to see if I can find a related problem, if not I plan to open one myself...this problem first occured within 24/48 hours of 6/13/06 1PM EST. So there may be another reason for your problem.

In my case the UDP layer is working (at least that is where I think Skype - VoIP is running and working fine, but I cannot get to either yahoo or google via my Netscape browser from behind my Linksys router. Direct connect via the Terayon Cable modem works fine but I really want to be 'behind' my firewall router, not in front of it.

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