hi there,

me again, now vpns, is there any way i can set one up between my computer and my dads (sperate houses) now we both have high speed dsl, with routers not modems so theres always internew available, i was told you could do it through windows, when i tried it, got an icon on the desktop, couldnt connect, what do i need to do the other end? :-|


don't bother posting vpn question here, no one seems to know about them. I've posted vpn questions many time before, and they've gone unoticed.

VPN's are not that hard to set up provided that you know a little about IP's both Static and Dynamic. If you have a cable modem, more than likely you have a static IP address (one that does not change even though you reboot, etc...). If you do, then its easy. If you have a Dynamic IP address, then your IP address constantly changes... this is a little harder to set up. I don't support any more "microsoft" than necessary, so I wont speak of windows settings for VPN's...OK, here we go...

Static IP: download a program called UltraVNC (www.ultravnc.com). Install the program on both computers. Have the remote computer using the server (starting auto with windows). If the remote computer is static, then the other computer only needs to enter the IP address for the remote computer, and it will connect (just like windows VPN).

Dynamic IP: If you use DSL or your cable does not have a static IP address, then you will want to "get" a static IP address from DynDns (www.dyndns.org). Its free! Also, you will need a program to update your computer's IP addy to the DynDns site (program such as DirectUpdate - I use this one, and its great). Once you have these two programs running, then you need to follow the steps from the Static IP address above... When using the UltraVNC program, the same principles apply... typing the remote users IP addy into the program, and connecting.

This is not the true VNP experience, but it will allow you to remotely access any remote desktop which is pretty much the same as VPN.

Hope this helps.