Hi, I have probably spent 40 hours trying to hook up my wireless network. I use Win XP on both systems. I purchased the D-Link Router and hooked it to my Cable Modem. I set up my connections and voila!! I had internet access on both computers. The problem is that I can't use the file sharing. When I go to My Network Places and View Workgroup computers, they both appear on my desktop, but my laptop denies me access. I can't seem to get them to transfer files over. I ran the cmd and can ping both computers on both systems. I have enabled the file sharing on the files...I just can understand why it wont work. Any ideas?

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Have you tried to set file sharing for an individual folder? I´m running Win2000 and it might not be applicable with XP but when I tried to enable file sharing on the hard drives on my system, it didn´t work. I have to go onto each computer and enable sharing on each folder that I wan´t other systems to access. See if that helps...

I have done that and it doesn't work either, thanks

Do you have a shared file on each pc? Is this the same behavior both directions? Do you have firewall software you are running?

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