I just built my home network today, after getting tired of lugging
thumb drives around with data between computers. Please note that
originally, I had all of the computers connected to the internet through the same router (as it is now), but I didn't create a home network (no printer/file sharing, just the internet through the router). Before creating the home network, the net was lightening fast.

Here is the setup:

Netgear WGR614 Router
1 Wired Connection to my home PC (P4, 1gig RAM) - WINXP Pro SP1
1 Wired Connection to my laptop (CoreDuo, 1gig RAM)- WINWP Home SP2
1 Wireless Connection to my other laptop (CoreDuo, 1gig RAM) - WINXP Home SP2

I used the WINXP home network wizard to setup the network, and chose the 'I connect to the internet through a residential gateway' choice. I have made sure that all computers are on the same workgroup, and I have verified that I can share files and print from all computers. Here is the problem:

When I am running one computer (for instance my home PC), while keeping the other two off, the internet performance is exactly as it was before the network.

However, when I have all of the computers 'on', the internet
performance is really poor. From a blank IE window, if I type 'www.hotmail.com' (for instance) it will take a long time to locate and load the site. Once I am on the site, if I click on links that are local to that site, it is fast... Very odd.

Directory listings, and browsing the shared folders on the other computers is also very slow.

My DNS servers have remained the same. To check if it was a DNS problem, I temporarily changed them to another server, and the problem listed above persisted (so I don't think it's DNS related).

Can anyone help me troubleshoot?

hi mate, welcome to daniweb! whats your connection like? as your sharing it between 3 computers, so in effect if you have 512kb/s with all three computers on you have around 170kb/s at best, try www.adslguide.org.uk for a speed test, firstly run it on each machine with the other two off,then on each with the other 2 on, post results here if you can

darren :cool:

uhh xp wizard installs the QoS protocol on all machines and i found that slows things down