Dear all,

I have installed SMS2003 evaluation version, i've done the required configuration for the management site, and i've created collections based on active directory. I've installed advanced client on more than one pc, some advanced clients have recognized the management site code, but now when connecting new clients they failed to connect. the other problem i am facing is that i've created collections based on users and collections based on computers, and i've created program packages and advertisements. but none of the advertisements have received any of the pc's nor the clients.

please guide me in solving this

Not being able to connect could be a *lot* of things, can you please provide an exact error message, or at least what you did right before the error occured? :cheesy:

ok i'll specify the problem more.

the SMS2003 server is configured correctly. the advanced client is installed in the same server, as well another pc the domain is setted as advanced client and is connected to the site. The connection between the server and the client is established through the management point.
i tried to distribute the software for a user collection and pc collection.. i've set the advertisement. There isn't any sign in the advanced client for receiving any advertisement.
what could be the cause of this? how to make sure that the advanced client is capable of receiving the servser advertisement?

i am seeking your help