This might seem a bit stupid, but i was wondering if daisy chained routers be in the same network?

My current setup involves a D-link four port wireless router (DI-624) connected to a cable modem serving three wired computers two that are in my room (a normal computer and an XBOX connected to live) and one that is in the office which has a 30m long cable put through the attic and down into the office the connect it, the problem is my family want another computer in the office and it is not practical to lay another cable to fill up the last port on my router.

I was wondering what setup could i use to make use of the that attic cable to connect these two office PCs to my network and the internet, is this an impossible task, can i daisy chain another router into my existing one to serve those two office computers? Probably a really easy answer so dont patronise :) performance is not needed for the two office computers btw. Any further questions just post and i'll answer soon as possible.

$60 will get you a four port switch. Even less for a hub. You don't need a full blown router to do the job.


We can find 5 port hubs and switches here in the $30 - $60 range. You do not need the router either.


As the others have said- get a small switch. Although you can use a router as a switch, routers are made to do more than simple switching functions; a router would be overkill both cost-wise and complexity-wise in your case.

As Christian said, you should (depending on your location) be able to get a 4 or 5 port switch for around $30 USD.

Ok thanks cool i'll go get another switch and try and get it to work thanks :)

Alright; let us know if you have any further questions. The switch won't need any software or configuration, so it should just be plug 'n go.

Hi brucejackson,

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