Hi, i m a college student. i m really in need of some help. in our college many sites has been blocked. the download and upload capacity is limited to 150 kb only, due to which i can't download stuffs from the net n i can't upload files as attachments, cant download updates, etc. http tunneling is blocked. messengers are blocked. peer 2 peer softwares are blocked. i will be greatly obliged if i can have some alternatives. i dunno anything abt networking.

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Assuming you're paying for your internet, isn't there some sort of "higher-level" package available? I can understand them blocking P2P clients and such, because these are mostly used to promote illegal activity. But some things, such as attachment limits, are a real pain.

If buying a better package isn't an option, I would suggest contacting the network administrator and letting him know.

Also, (they've probably already blocked this) you can get web access to MSN. Try clicking on some of these results:

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