Hi. I have a Linksys WRT54GS router and a Motorola SB4100 Cable Modem. I'm trying to set up a network so that all of my computers can connect to the internet.

If I connect the SB4100 modem directly to a single PC, the internet is working fine. But if I will connect the SB4100 modem to the Internet port of the router and after cloning the MAC address of the LAN adapter of my PC to the router, i do not get internet connection at all.

the weird thing is that the router status have all i need to connect to the internet. i get the domain name of my isp, my ip address on the internet (not the 192.168.xxx.xxx), a default gateway and 2 DNSs. they are the same informationi get when i connect directly from modem to PC that runs smoothly. on my computer, i get the usual 192.168.xxx.xxx from the router, the default gateway ip address of the router, etc. it seems that everything is fine.

am i missing something? please suggest all the necessary steps to solve this problem bec. i beginning to explode just figuring this one out. Thank you very much in advance.

I have a linksys router too, and what ive noticed that when cloning the Mac Addres it gives you abutton called CLONE ADDRESS or something like that and SAVE button, and when you click the CLONE ADDRESS button it changes you the Mac Address something like addres encryption way and then you are supposed to click save. Well you should write your mac address and click SAVE button directly as that other button just changes your addres ¬¬ had this problem too in the past

Maybe having 2 of the same Mac address's on @ the same time causes a conflict??

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