Hi Friends

Im Elango from India,

I have new problem, we have 6 computers connected with network switch. one system win2K other five is win98. resently a virus affect all our systems (virus name w32.sality) still we unable to clean it. if i scan with norten virus not found. but we get virus found message very offen with each and evry exe files. The virus message is follwoing:

"" Scan type: Realtime Protection Scan
Event: Virus Found!
Virus name: W32.Sality.U
Location: C:\DRIVER\WIN98II
Computer: CHEMICAL2
User: sevak
Action taken: Clean succeeded : Access allowed
Date found: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 3:16:57 PM ""

Secondly, due to this problem one of our systems win2K when i switch on it immediately all the five systems internet sharing is gone out. after some time we are get the internet sharing after remove the dns numbers from win2k computer.

Even i tryed DHCP setting also. when the system browse the internet the adsl router light and ethernet switch light for router and the problem facing win2k system light are blinking very fast. If i remove the dns numbers or from win2k computer then all other is work fine.

We configured each system ip like this to x.x.x.7 the router ip is

I have changed the router setting as DHCP and checked with ipconfig all other computors working fine, they automatically asigned by router ip as and

But this particular computors show ip as, and gateway

Is there any solution for this two problem without reinstall the OS.

Please guide me.


dear Elango !

you have virus in your network so do some step as

fst think unshared all sheared folder and map drive or remove the full control of all (sheared folder). on server or system.

2nd remove server from the network and scan you server in dos mode with a good anti virus, same as with system.

3rd check the Bad sector in H.disk.

it can be solution

vipin dev

Hi, as your network is a small network, it's not hard for you to find out the source of the virus. why not capture the packets in your network and try to analyze the source of it. If you monitor your network all the time, it will be quicker for you to find out the problems and solutions.

i want a new virus collection
please help me